Skateland's History

In 1963 John and Ramona Muse began their careers as roller skating rink operators at Ames Skateland in Iowa. Unfortunately, in 1968, Ames Skateland was destroyed by a tornado. After a few years of putting back money, John and Ramona built their first rink in 1972, naming it Skate West. Shortly after, they added Skate East, purchased Skate Country – renamed it Skate North, and added Skate South to their growing family business. 

John and Ramona had six children, all who competed in figure skating and speed skating. Dante, the second youngest of six and owner of Skateland, focused on speed skating. He learned to skate before he could walk and began competing in speed skating competitions at five years old. Dante went on to win numerous national championships, as well as world titles in speed skating. At his last world championship in France, he met his wife, Romina, who was a member of the team Italy. After his career in speed skating, Dante began managing Skate North. 

After 18 years managing their family business, Dante Muse and his wife, Romina purchased Skate North in 2019. They renamed the rink Skateland in honor of his late parents’ beginning.

We invite you all to join us in the next chapter of roller skating in Des Moines!

Dante & Romina Muse